I’m Sharee

Project Manager & Serial Entrepreneur

a seasoned digital strategist, project manager, and serial entrepreneur, specializing in virtual event planning, digital launch management, and strategic collaborations. I help empower businesses to create impactful online experiences that drive growth, amplify their message, and maximize their reach.

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Creator Of

we help our Clients

launch impactful digital initiatives, create engaging virtual experiences, and forge strategic collaborations

that drive growth, amplify their message, & maximize their impact.

Project Management

Deliver your initiatives on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. We handle every detail, from strategic planning and resource allocation to risk mitigation and stakeholder communication, ensuring your projects achieve their intended goals and objectives

Virtual Event Planning

Ensures your online events are engaging, impactful, and memorable. We handle every detail, from concept development and platform selection to technical setup, speaker management, and attendee engagement, delivering a seamless virtual experience that achieves your event goals.

Digital Launch Management

Launch your digital products, services, and campaigns seamlessly and effectively. We handle every aspect of the launch process, from strategic planning and meticulous execution to post-launch analysis and optimization, ensuring your digital initiatives make a lasting impact.

Your Vision + Our Expertise = MAGIC

Let us help turn your ideas into impact

We believe in the power of collaboration to create extraordinary results. By combining your unique vision with our expertise in digital strategy and execution, we’ll transform your ideas into impactful online experiences that engage, inspire, and drive growth.