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101 Easy Date Night Ideas For Couples This Year

Date nights for couples are super important. And I think having a routine date night with your husband is crucial for maintaining a healthy and happy marriage beyond that of just being focused on the kids and the mundane.

Date nights really provide you with an opportunity to reconnect and prioritize your relationship amidst the chaos of daily life. Time alone without the kids also allows you to have quality time to communicate, share experiences, and create new memories together to keep your bond strong. Date nights can reignite romance, improve your couple’s communication, and help you to sustain a strong emotional connection to each other regardless of how long you’ve been together. 

And if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a huge fan of date nights! And I want to encourage you to make it a priority to plan regular date nights with your husband and enjoy the benefits it brings to your relationship. 

Date nights for couples
Date nights for couples

I’m Actually New To Date Nights

In fact, this is one area my husband and I have neglected for a very long time, and just recently picked up on! Sound crazy? I know but it’s true! 

We have four kids and we got married SUPER young! I mean this guy was my date to the Junior Prom… we’ve been together for a very long time. Like over 20 years! 

And during that time, we’ve basically grown up together. We’ve evolved into two very adult versions of the two young teens who initially met all those years ago. That in itself is a lot to take in, right? 

Well over all those years we’ve definitely had our fair share of ups and downs and all the F@$! around, but at this stage in life, most days are super calm. We’re so happy to spend time together with and without the kids and we’ve just recently, like last year made the decision to start incorporating 1-2 date nights a week.

This mostly has consisted of quick dinners, trips to the cider house, tastings at the local brewery, bikes, and beautiful hikes

So far so good, but it’s always nice to have a list of ideas to pull from in a pinch. So I wanted to gather up a list of ideas to pull from and hopefully use it as a bucket list to expand our little date nights (and days sometimes) beyond where they currently stand!

101 Easy Date Night Ideas For Couples This Year

  1. Have a picnic in the park.
  2. Take a cooking class together.
  3. Go on a sunset hike.
  4. Have a game night at home.
  5. Go ice skating.
  6. Bake cookies together.
  7. Go to a movie theater.
  8. Take a dance class together.
  9. Go on a brewery or winery tour.
  10. Have a spa night at home.
  11. Go stargazing.
  12. Have a karaoke night.
  13. Take a pottery class together.
  14. Go to a museum or art gallery.
  15. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  16. Have a bonfire on the beach.
  17. Go to a comedy club.
  18. Take a painting class together.
  19. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride.
  20. Have a candlelit dinner at home.
  21. Go on a boat tour.
  22. Go to a live music performance.
  23. Have a book club date night.
  24. Take a yoga class together.
  25. Have a DIY home improvement night.
  26. Go to a sports game.
  27. Have a board game tournament.
  28. Take a photography class together.
  29. Go to an amusement park.
  30. Have a sushi-making night.
  31. Go to a food festival.
  32. Take a bike ride.
  33. Have a trivia night at a bar.
  34. Go to a planetarium.
  35. Take a spontaneous road trip.
  36. Have a fondue night at home.
  37. Go to a wine and paint night.
  38. Take a language class together.
  39. Go to a farmer’s market.
  40. Have a virtual reality experience.
  41. Go to a zoo or aquarium.
  42. Have a cocktail-making night.
  43. Take a pottery painting class together.
  44. Go to a haunted house.
  45. Have a video game tournament.
  46. Take a dance party fitness class.
  47. Go to a sporting event.
  48. Have a themed movie marathon.
  49. Go to a comedy show.
  50. Take a cheese and wine pairing class.
  51. Have a DIY craft night.
  52. Go to a community theater production.
  53. Have a fondue night at a restaurant.
  54. Take a writing class together.
  55. Go to an escape room.
  56. Have a photo scavenger hunt.
  57. Go to a paint and sip night.
  58. Take a bird-watching class together.
  59. Have a cooking competition night.
  60. Go to a flea market or antique store.
  61. Have a cocktail party at home.
  62. Take a glassblowing class together.
  63. Go to a planetarium laser show.
  64. Have a spa day at a local resort.
  65. Go to a jazz club.
  66. Take a sushi-making class together.
  67. Have a DIY home decor night.
  68. Go to a theme park.
  69. Have a murder mystery dinner party.
  70. Take a belly dancing class together.
  71. Go to a food truck festival.
  72. Have a virtual game night with friends.
  73. Take a mixology class together.
  74. Go to a botanical garden.
  75. Have a DIY garden night.
  76. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
  77. Take a soap-making class together.
  78. Have a mini golf tournament.
  79. Go to a psychic reading together.
  80. Have a board game cafe night.
  81. Take a candle-making class together.
  82. Go to a dinner theater.
  83. Have a DIY spa night at home.
  84. Go to a trampoline park.
  85. Take a cocktail and cupcake pairing class together.
  86. Have a mini road trip to a nearby town.
  87. Go to a candy-making class together.
  88. Have a DIY jewelry-making night.
  89. Take a self-defense class together.
  90. Go to a dance club.
  91. Have a DIY painting night.
  92. Go to a murder mystery party.
  93. Take a cake decorating class together.
  94. Have a board game night at a local bar.
  95. Go to a psychic fair.
  96. Have a DIY home cleaning night.
  97. Take a woodworking class together.
  98. Go to a magic show.
  99. Have a DIY holiday decoration night.
  100. Go to a karaoke bar.
  101. Take a self-improvement class together.

Remember, the most important part of date night is spending quality time with your significant other. So whether you’re a couple that’s been together for decades, or you’re just starting out, these ideas are perfect for reconnecting and keeping your dates from getting boring. 

101 Easy Date Night Ideas For Couples This Year

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