7 Things To Do While Visiting The Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park has been an established park since 1947, with a few goals in mind. Those goals include carefully conserving the natural landscape and ecosystems and preventing further degradation of all the plants, animals, and land.

This National Park is a wonderful spot for outdoor enthusiasts and nature-loving families to visit and immerse themselves fully in wilderness activities.

Hop on some wheels for a bicycling trip or bring your best hiking boots and start your hiking journey! Bring the camera and go bird watching. Enjoy the water amenities and try your luck boat fishing, kayaking, or canoeing! It’s up to you how you spend the day because it will be an amazing experience whatever you choose to do at the Everglades National Park.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Park Ranger? 

Spending most days immersed outdoors in the beauties of nature. Then you should definitely take a solo trip or bring the family for a day’s worth of fun activities to get you feeling like a true nature explorer!

If you’re thinking of planning a trip, either for the day or a full highlight on your next vacation, then check out these 7 reasons we think you’ll love visiting Everglades National Park!

7 Reasons Why You’d Love To Visit The Everglades National Park

Biking & Hiking Trails 

The Everglades’ extensive network of hiking trails, such as the Anhinga Trail and the Gumbo Limbo Trail, caters to hikers of all skill levels. 

Trails lead through a captivating journey across diverse landscapes, including hardwood hammocks, pinelands, and prairies, where one can relish the sights and sounds of the park’s vibrant ecosystem.

One of the most popular biking trails in the park is the Shark Valley Loop Trail, which spans approximately 15 miles and offers cyclists an opportunity to traverse through the heart of the Everglades’ iconic sawgrass prairies and marshes. Plus, an opportunity to catch a glance at the wildlife that lives there. 

Bring your family along on this wonderful wilderness experience. 

Check out all there is to do at Everglades National Park!  

Bird Watching Groups  

If you’re looking for a calm day out with family and friends, bird-watching may be the perfect outdoor activity for you! With its habitats including marshy wetlands, prairies, and coastal areas, The Everglades National Park is heavily diverse.

Animal enthusiasts will love bird watching at the Everglade National Park. Click here to book a 2-hour Everglades National Park Dolphin, Birding, and Wildlife Boat Tour!

This park serves as a paradise for over 360 species of beautiful birds, making it a prime destination for bird watchers and animal enthusiasts from around the globe. Bird watching is one of the most rewarding activities at Everglade National Park, so bring your favorite camera and get to taking pictures! 

Water Activities  

You’ll be presented with an array of fun water-based activities at the Everglades National Park. From kayaking along the twisty mangrove trees to paddling through the backcountry waterways on a canoe, these activities will promise you an adrenaline-rushing experience amidst the serenity of nature.

This park offers visitors the immersive experience of navigating the park’s marshy waterways, providing a unique experience that all members of the family will love. Test your luck and try boat fishing on the open water. Rent or bring your own boating vehicle and experience all there is at the Everglade National Park. 

Spend the day out on the waters and try one of the activities listed below!  


Geocaching is a real-world treasure-hunting adventure that combines modern technology with outdoor exploration. This family-friendly activity has gained popularity as an engaging and immersive nature activity within the Everglades National Park.

Geocaching offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to embark on thrilling quests and nature walks to discover hidden caches while navigating through the park’s lush and stunning landscapes filled with natural wonders. Learn more about geocaching in the Everglades here!

An immersive real-world treasure hunt, perfect for families.

Slough Slogging

If you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, then sloughing may be a good experience for you!

This hands-on activity is an immersive trip through the wilderness of the Everglades National Park that most people don’t get the chance to see. While exploring the off-trail hike, you’ll encounter the hidden world of this nature park. Join a ranger and a few fellow outdoor lovers on this guided walk around the fascinating environment.

Don’t forget to bring a few snacks and don’t wear your good pants for this activity, it’s messy!

Ranger-Led Programs 

Pick an area you’re most interested in and head out on the ranger-guided program! Learn a few natural and animal facts as you embark on this journey.

Ranger-led programs are designed to educate, inspire, and engage visitors of all ages on the park’s rich history, natural and cultural heritage. The rangers are kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about their line of work, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

No matter if you’re on a solo trip or a family-based adventure, you’ll have an amazing time with the friendly rangers and other fellow explorers who accompany you! Ranger-Led programs, are great for all ages.


If a day’s trip is not enough for you, you’re in luck! Spend the weekend or longer at the Flamingo campground. This campground is one of the two drive-in camping communities that are easily accessible from the entrance of the Everglades National Park.

This campground offers enriching amenities for all its campers, from solar-heated showers and dump stations to picnic tables and grills. Camping at the Everglades provides adventurers with unique opportunities, as well as partaking in nighttime stargazing sessions, leisurely evening hikes, and communal campfire gatherings.

Spend the weekend camping and spend your trip under the stars with loved ones and fellow campers all around you.

The Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park and its enduring, captivating nature offer a profound experience to all who visit. 

Since 1947, the park has become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking to reconnect with the wilderness. From the joy of exploring vast outdoor activities like hiking and biking trails that travel through the park’s terrains to the tranquility of bird watching. Or the thrill of water-based activities such as kayaking and fishing, the Everglades offers a wealth of experiences that cater to every outdoor interest.

7 Things To Do While Visiting The Everglades National Park

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