Planning a Trip to Glacier National Park  [Read this before you go]

Planning a Trip to Glacier National Park?

Read our list of things to know before you go, to make your trip as easy and stress-free as possible!

Towering snow-capped mountains and crystal blue waters, Glacier National Park in Montana is a stunning place to visit any time of the year. It’s also rich with history, wildlife, and adventure. Located in the northern United States, it’s a great example of the power of glacial movement and cold climates.

Ready to visit the “crown of the continent”?

With just a few helpful tips and tricks, planning a visit to Glacier National Park can be easy and stress-free!

Let’s get started!

Planning Your Trip to Glacier National Park

Here’s what you need to know, before you go!

Check the roads first.

Glacier National Park can be a winter wonderland! That means closed roads, tire chains, and crowded parking lots. Make sure to keep an eye on the park’s website for closures and road updates.

Always check the website!

This will always be the most important advice for any park and planning a visit to Glacier National Park is no different. Always make sure you’re up to date on any new changes, park rules and guidelines, ranger advice, and closures.

Talk to the rangers and attend the programs.

National Park rangers are very knowledgeable about the park and its history. Chat about wildlife, biology, and how the park has changed over the years. You can even attend Indigenous tribal members as they share the history of their special ties to the area through programs like Native America Speaks.

Take the shuttle.

Consider taking the shuttle on your trip to Glacier to avoid parking stress. Driving around the park can be hectic with long lines, closures, packed parking lots, and busy roads. Skip all of that and let the shuttle take care of the driving for you. Check the website for shuttle information. 

Summer crowds.

When you begin planning a visit to Glacier National Park, keep in mind that summer is its busiest time. Expect large crowds, long lines, crowded hikes, and viewpoints. If you want to skip the busyness, try to plan your visit around the off-season.

Be aware of the weather.

Mountains choose their own weather which often means drastic changes in temperature and conditions at any time. Make sure to stay aware of any pending weather, especially during wet seasons like spring and winter or during wildfire activity.

Construction happens…

Parks take a lot of hard work and construction to maintain. Keep this in mind when you’re planning a visit to Glacier National Park! Some roads, facilities, buildings, and trails may be closed for construction during your visit.   

Plan your hikes.

Do you have the skillset for certain hikes? The right hiking boots? Some of the hikes at Glacier National Park are intense and you should prepare yourself before you tackle a trail you’re not ready for. Especially when it comes to overnight backpacking. Some places and activities require permits, so visit their website and plan ahead.

Wildlife all around!

Wildlife is abundant at Glacier National Park. In fact, grizzly bears are known to inhabit the place from time to time. These beautiful creatures are not friendly to human interaction and should be left alone and at a great distance. Make sure to follow park guidelines in case you have to cross paths with wildlife and read ahead of time how to handle certain encounters. Although these meetings with wildlife can be rare, you still want to be prepared.  


Glacier National Park has services available for mobility, hearing and vision needs, and service animals. You can find different guides and information on their website including audio descriptions, accessible locations, and brochures. Plus, every shuttle available for the park is ADA-accessible.


Pets are welcome! But make sure to visit the website for more information about where they’re allowed and where they aren’t.

Ready to start planning a trip to Glacier National Park?

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime when you start planning a visit to Glacier National Park. With beautiful meadows, wildlife viewings, snowy peaks, and sparkling lakes, Glacier is considered the “crown of the continent”.

It also has a rich history of being Indigenous land that is important to appreciate. So get ready for big views and big adventure and start planning your Glacier experience today!

Planning a Trip to Glacier National Park  [Read this before you go]

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