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32 Fun Things To Do In Seattle Worth Exploring

Looking for fun things to do in Seattle today? You’re in luck! 

Travelers of all ages will find fun things to do in Seattle, Washington. Whether you enjoy outdoor recreation, museums, attractions, or just great places to grab a bit to eat- you can find fun things to do in Seattle, today, this week, or just about any time you want!

Seattle, Washington. Known for its extremely liberal ways, this city is still a relatively vibrant place to explore, especially during the summer! Its one of those places where you either love or hate it. But you’ll have to go explore a little to find out which group you fall into!

This blog post will cover the best of the best, for people looking to explore the Seattle area. While we do our best to suggest a variety of fun things to do in Seattle at different times of the year. 

things to do in Seattle

Looking For Fun Things To Do In Seattle?

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle has the 9th largest aquarium in the United States. Currently, it holds six major exhibits. 

The Underwater Dome is the largest exhibit in the aquarium with its 400,000-gallon dome. You enter a tunnel and become encompassed by hundreds of Puget Sound fish! 

Marine Mammals are the most popular of the exhibits, as people spend most of their time here. You get to witness marine mammals eat, play, sleep, groom, and more from various different locations. This also hosts the harbor seal exhibit which features Seattle’s Barney, Q, and Hogan. 

Birds & Shores is an open-air exhibit that displays the natural habitats of Seattle’s bird life. Window on Washington Waters is a 120,000-gallon exhibit that is filled with sea life from the Northwest! 

Life on the Edge is a tide pool exhibit where you can touch and feel live animals like sea urchins, hermit crabs, and sea stars. Pacific Coral Reef. 

Along with the exhibits mentioned herein, there is a Family Activity Center that is an educational hub. Its main goal is to expand your knowledge of orcas, or killer whales, which is an Endangered Species in the southern resident community that Seattle is a part of. 

Seattle Aquarium Tickets

  • Adult Tickets – $34.95
  • Adult Washington Resident – $29.95
  • Youth Tickets – $24.95
  • Youth Washington Resident – $19.95
  • Child Tickets (Ages 3 and under) – FREE

***If you purchase online, you can save $2.00 per ticket!

Jimi Hendrix Exhibit

Seattle was Jimi Hendrix’s hometown. The Museum of Pop Culture talked about below, started as an exhibit that was solely dedicated to Jimi. 

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Seattle, you’ll want to start there! It has the history of his start in Rock n’ Roll. It also features personal items from him, like diaries and letters that he wrote, a book of his phone numbers, outfits, suitcases, and even pieces from some of his most famous guitars. 

Museum of Pop Culture

Starting as a Jimi Hendrix display, this museum grew into an entire museum dedicated to music, science fiction, and art. It has an edgy architecture that is meant to resemble a smashed guitar. 

It features numerous exhibits and events, currently including Body of Work: Tattoo Culture, Minecraft: The Exhibition, Pearl Jam: Home and Away, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, the Sound Lab, Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame, Hendrix: Wild Blue Angel, the Guitar Gallery, and even more.

Museum of History and Industry

The MOHAI is a nationally recognized innovative museum. It is a Seattle favorite because it tells the history and story of the state. 

It has two permanent exhibits. 

True Northwest: The Seattle Journey tells the journey from wilderness to the city it is today. It features images, media, artifacts, interactive parts, and oral stories. 

The second permanent exhibit is the Bezos Center for Innovation. Seattle is seen to be a “nexus” of innovation and new, big ideas. This exhibit is the display of the past and current and even future ideas of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. 

Along with these two exhibits, MOHAI features more fun things to do in Seattle by offering a number of temporary exhibits, that change throughout the year. 

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass is a showcase exhibit in the Seattle Center. It shows the studio glass of Dale Chihuly, who is a master in the art of glass. 

There are three main parts to the exhibit. 

The first is the Garden is a beautiful mix between actual nature and man-made art. It holds four sculptures and is lined with plants, trees, logs, and flowers. 

The next part is the Glasshouse, which is the exhibit’s centerpiece. This is a 40-foot tall structure that holds a 100-foot long glass sculpture which is one of Chihuly’s largest ever. The glass structure gives different effects to the sculpture depending on the time and lighting of the day outside. 

The last part of the exhibit is the Theater which has videos on the work of Chihuly. You can find interviews, onsite work and installations, and actual footage of him glassblowing. 

Along with the exhibit itself, there is a dining area that is gorgeous to sit in and eat after touring the center. 

Seattle Space Needle

Fun Things to Do In Seattle: The Space NeedleThe Space Needle was built in 1962 for the World Fair and has grown over time since then. It is now a “must do” of Seattle. 

You travel in an all-glass elevator to the top of the needle, which is 605’ tall. At the top, there are two floors for viewing, which are all glass, the floor, and the windows. You can see the entire city of Seattle with its 360-degree panoramic views. 

While you can walk 360-degrees yourself, the upper floor has a revolving glass floor, the Loupe, which means it spins you around itself! You can actually see Seattle “at your feet.” 

Also included with your ticket, you can get free pictures on the outdoor deck with the free mobile app!

Space Needle Restaurant

The Space NeedleAt 520’, you can dine in at the 360 Sunset at the Top restaurant. It includes reserved seating, four wine tastings, and four bites to go along. You also get scenic views of Seattle. 

Space Needle Tickets

  • Regular Tickets          $32.50 – $37.50
  • Senior (ages 65+)       $27.50 – $32.50
  • Youth (ages 5-12)       $24.50 – $28.50

Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is an awesome hands-on science experience for the kids and the entire family. It has hundred, and I mean hundreds, of interactive exhibits and pieces of knowledge. You can visit so many different areas of science, like launching rockets in the space exhibit or going to the Planetarium show to explore the galaxies. 

It offers a Saltwater Tide Pool where you can touch actual live marine animals, or you can visit the Topical Butterfly House and see live butterflies flying free around you. This center’s interactive programs are award-winning and reach over one million people per year. 

Pacific Northwest Ballet

The Pacific Northwest Ballet is one of the United States’ most profound ballets. 

It produces over 100 shows per year that vary in concept and also in the location. The ballet’s dancers perform at home in Seattle and all over the world in places like Australia, Asia, Europe, and more. If you can catch a show in Seattle during your visit, you absolutely must!

things to do in Seattle - pike place market

Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is a beautiful tourist excursion to take on in Seattle. It is filled with history, food, and awesome picture spots. It is the location of the first-ever Starbucks! 

You can also try tons of food and dessert places, like the Athenian, Pike Place Chowder, or the Daily Dozen Donut is one of my favorites. You can also visit tons of corners and spots that are picture worthy. 

You can also see “fish fly” at the Pike Place Fish where they literally throw fish. It is a hoot! There are so many spots to see and visit in this one area, it could take up a whole day.

Seattle Gum Wall

As mentioned in the Pike Place Market, the Gum Wall is a great place to visit. 

The Gum Wall is literally a twenty-year collection of gum from visitors. It makes for a great picture shot.

You have to take a picture and go with bubble gum so you can add your own to the collection. This wall has been collecting gum from visitors and residents for over 20 years. It sounds gross but it is actually a very colorful and amazing wall to see. 

Center for Wooden Boats

The Center for Wooden Boats is a living museum!

It was started by a couple who rented their wooden boats out at South Lake Union which became very popular and led to an even bigger collection of wooden boats. It led to exhibits being put in the water and becoming interactive. Now visitors can sail the lake and see art and photography exhibits.

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is more commonly known in Seattle as SAM. 

It holds three different locations. The main location is on First Avenue in the middle of downtown. This location is the most family oriented and holds more of the permanent exhibits but still features traveling ones as well. 

The other two locations are the Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park, which feature more specific exhibits but also feature more interactive ones sometimes. You should check the exhibit lists for the time you plan on visiting to see which ones will be best for the family.

Central Public Library

Central Public LibraryThe Central Public Library is a one-of-a-kind library. It has eleven floors and various amenities and features that you and your family can visit.

The library has books galore, even an enormous book spiral, free public computers, the FriendShop, a coffee cart, meeting rooms available for rent, language classes, specific areas for age groups, history collections, and also paid parking! It is a great way to get kids interested in libraries. 

Smith Tower

Smith Tower is Seattle’s original skyscraper. It is famous for its architecture and height. It gives you gorgeous 360-degree views of the city, especially from the observatory deck. You can also do a number of things like shop, see history exhibits, and the best if you are without kids – visit the speakeasy bar. 

Washington State Ferries

Washington State Ferries are a part of the Washington Department of Transportation. There are about ten different sail-outs per day and you can travel to the four main islands, Lopez, San Juan, Shaw, and Orcas. It’s a beautiful scenic ride and if you want to drive the family around one of the islands, you can actually drive your car onto the ferry to take with you!

Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is located at Pier 57.

It is an awesome ride that lets you see Seattle from up high. You can even get a box that has a glass bottom so you can see it below you! You can get pictures taken in your box. If you visit on the weekends, you can catch the light show that comes from the hundreds of LED lights lined through the wheel itself. 

Fremont Troll

Fun Things To Do In Seattle TodayThe Fremont Troll is a monument in Fremont, Seattle. In the early 1930’s, there were folk tales about people sighting trolls under the Aurora Bridge.

Then later in the century, there was an art competition to see who could design something to bring the bridge back to life. The winner used the old folktale as inspiration and he and his team built an 18-foot tall troll with crushed Volkswagen Beetle in one of his hands. It is a picture background must!

Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight revolves around air and space! It is one of the largest in the world. It has tons of features like actual aircraft and spacecraft, a world-class library full of history, artifacts, photographs that you can’t find anywhere else, and various exhibits like the Spirit of Flight, Apollo, the Kid’s Flight Zone (perfect for your children), and more.

things to do in Seattle - cherry blossoms

Seattle Japanese Garden

This Garden has a Japanese style and is well-regarded by more than 30 countries around the world! It brings over 100,000 visitors to Seattle per year.

You walk through 3.5 acres of garden and see all sorts of the Japanese landscapes. Not only do you see the landscape, but you can see animals, plants, water, buildings, and more! And since it is a nature garden, it changes throughout the year so one visit will be different from your next!

Amazon Spheres

The Amazon Spheres or the Seattle Spheres came about as a workplace break space. 

They are meant to be a “direct link to nature” during the workday. The Spheres hold over 40,000 plants from various different countries on their green walls.

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is 19 acres, located on the shore of Lake Union. You can see both views of the Lake and views of Downtown Seattle. It is called Gas Works Park because it was built on top of a coal gasification plant and used the polluted soils to build on. It is a beautiful and great spot to fly kits, picnic, and spend time outside with the family.

The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour

Fun Things To Do In Seattle TodayThis center is based on learning about aviation design, how it came about, and where it is going. There are tons of exhibits and features to visit, but the Boeing factory tour is the biggest attraction.

You can actually see planes being built, jet assembly, and even test out your own aircraft designs, an awesome experience for most kids.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is full of scenery, history, and fun in Seattle. 

It features a marketplace where you can shop and eat, Occidental Square Park, Pioneer Park, Waterfall Garden Park, City Hall Park, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, King Street Station, and the Last Resort Fire Department. 

You can do things like the Trail to Treasure, a free guided walking tour, or an Art Walk that takes you through art galleries of the city. Everything in the square has some history to it and is a must-see. 

Underground Tour

Things to do in Seattle! TodayIn 1889, Seattle rebuilt on top of itself, following the Great Fire. From this, the Underground tour was created. It is a 75-minute tour that takes you through the entombed tunnels underground where you can see storefronts, old sidewalks, and more.

Sky View Observatory

The Sky View Observatory is located on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center. Out of all the places in Seattle to view the entire city, this one offers the tallest viewing area you can get at 902 feet. You can see more than Seattle, you can see the Pacific Northwest.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is a small park, but probably the most famous in Seattle. This is the park that holds the best view of Seattle so it attracts tons of visitors. It is also where most movie scenes in Seattle are shot. It is in the middle of tourist attractions and is a must-see during the day and at night.

T-Mobile Park

Things to do in Seattle! T-Mobile Park is home to Seattle’s Major League Baseball Team, the Seattle Mariners. 

It is famous in the MLB world because this park offers one of the best city views while the team is playing. It opened in 1999 and has only grown in attraction since.

Woodland Zoo

Seattle’s Woodland Zoo is a family favorite and must-see when in town. It holds over 300 species, including at least 1,000 different animals. 

It is in second place for the most awards received by a State Zoo. The zoo is enormous and will definitely wear you and your kids out by the end of the tour. It holds exhibits featuring the crowd favorites – lions, penguins, gorillas, jaguars, etc. But it also features species that are not so common like sloths, Komodo Dragons, Kunekune Pigs, and more. 

The kids can do live feedings for specific species like giraffes and more. Check the schedule for when you’ll be visiting. Make sure you also make time to stop by the Zoomazium, and indoor playground, which is one of the biggest kid attractions for ages 8 and under. 

things to do in Seattle

Things To Do In Seattle With CityPASS

The Seattle CityPass is a great save for those families planning to do the big tourist attractions in Seattle. You can purchase it online or in person and visit all the featured attractions over a course of 30 days. 

This means you can visit them all in one day, or you can take multiple visits to the city and use it as you go. It gives you the privilege of saving money on the top attractions, skipping lines, and enjoying family fun! 

  • The first attraction is the Space Needle, which is a 605’ tall landmark for Seattle. You travel to the top from an all-glass elevator and enjoy the views over the entire city from the top. 
  • The second attraction is the Seattle Aquarium, which is the ninth-largest aquarium in the United States. 
  • The third attraction is the Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, which is a one-hour cruise that takes you through the beauty and history of Seattle with live narration, views, and full service on board for drinks and snacks. 

You also get these options.

  • For the fourth, you can choose between The Museum of Pop Culture and The Woodland Park Zoo. The Museum of Pop Culture is a display of Seattle’s pop culture, including art, music, and history. The Woodland Park Zoo is a kid favorite that features tons of fun exhibits, like the Temperate Forest, the African Savanna, the Humboldt Penguin Exhibit, and more. 
  • For your fifth option, you can choose between the Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Pacific Science Center. Chihuly Garden and Glass, is an exhibit of Chihuly’s glass art, and the Pacific Science Center holds hundreds of interactive science programs for the kids to explore and learn from. 

2 Bonus Activities Near Seattle

While you could spend days finding fun things to do in Seattle, you might want to also check out a few of the awesome surrounding areas like Snoqualmie.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls brings in over 1 million visitors per year. You can stay here, shop here, and view the city here. It is one of Seattle’s biggest hiking locations with its 1.3-mile trail that all skill levels can do. Most importantly, you can see the 270-foot waterfall on the trail. 

Mt. Rainier National Park

This National Park surrounds Mount Rainier, standing 14,410 feet above sea level, and is an active volcano that holds loads of nature and wildlife at its base. You can visit wildlife meadows, forests, rivers, hiking trails, and more. Depending on the season, you get a different side of the park. It is one of Seattle’s prime landscapes. 

Seattle is a great city with much to do and see! 

If you made it to this point on the page, you are awesome! You’ve just read up on 32 fun things to do in Seattle and you’re one step closer to planning a great vacation to the Evergreen State to do all the fun things we’ve just talked about!

Put a plan together for each day of your trip and try to keep the activities inside one or two parts of town for each day. There’s so much to see and do you don’t want to stress yourself out running all over town zig-zagging back and forth!

32 Fun Things To Do In Seattle Worth Exploring

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