Family Travel

Traveling with my husband and our 4 kids has been a HUGE part of our life since our kids were born! We’re always on the lookout for new places to go and things to see! And as the kids have grown older into their teens- we’re continuing to modify the way we travel, where we travel, and what we do! I’ll detail the information I find about places to go and things to see on this page for you to use in planning your own family adventures no matter how big or small!

Behind the Adventures

I’m Sharee

Digital Creator, Entrepreneur, Travel Enthusiast, Virtual Event Connoisseur, Project Manager, and Lover of All Things Chocolate.

Welcome to my little spot on the web where I share my journey of running a small business with multiple streams of income. See what that looks like and how I make it work as a busy mother of 4 teens! 

Peak behind the scenes into my life of Family, Food & Travel, as I push myself to be more open, explore more ideas, build side hustles, and push my family down the path of financial freedom.

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