69 TV Shows On Hulu Worth Adding To Your Watch List Now

I’m a sucker for watching full seasons of tv shows both old and new. So naturally I’m always on the search for the best tv shows on Hulu (one of my preferred binging platforms) to have lined up for when my current show ends! 

You might have shows you watch with the kids as part of the family night or for some quiet one on one with one child who enjoys a certain topic or genre! For instance, my youngest daughter and I are currently watching the Lemony Snickets series- because she loved this movie when it first came out, and now we’re making our way through this quirky show that’s wild to watch…

If you’re like me, then you probably also have a show or two you watch with your husband, maybe this is part of date night. My husband and I always have a show to watch together. We enjoy starting a series and watching an episode or two each night as we make our way through it.

Sometimes he picks the show, other times I do. Usually, we make it all the way through- but there have been a few hiccups along the way as we established this daily wine-down routine!

Warning: Steer Clear Of Shows You’ve Already Seen In Part Of Completely…

One time I made the horrible mistake of suggesting a series (manifest) that I had already seen, but wasn’t really paying attention to, so I wanted to re-watch it. Man was that a bad idea…

Once he found out I had already watched the whole season, even though we were totally enjoying it… he dropped all interest. Lol.

And I don’t even know if I was hiding the fact that I’d already seen the series… It just wasn’t relevant and he didn’t ask. I suggested the show and then when it finally came out… boom! No more show.

TV Shows On Hulu

However you decide to enjoy your shows, I’m here for it! No shame from me girl- I’m right there with ya! So in this blog post, I just want to cover some of the great TV shows on Hulu, in case you’re looking for something to add to your watch list! 

TV Shows On Hulu That Are Worth Watching

  1. Scandal
  2. Desperate Housewives
  3. Army wives
  4. Only Murders in the Building
  5. Top Chef
  6. Unprisoned
  7. Reservation Dogs
  8. Nine Perfect Strangers
  9. Reasonable Doubt
  10. The Dropout
  11. Little Fires Everywhere
  12. Life & Beth
  13. Succession
  14. The Bear
  15. Castle
  16. Homeland
  17. Shark Tank
  18. The Masked Singer
  19. Brothers & Sisters
  20. Snowfall
  21. The Handmaid’s Tale
  22. Castle Rock
  23. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  24. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  25. Fargo
  26. Devs
  27. Atlanta
  28. The Act
  29. Veronica Mars
  30. The Mindy Project
  31. ER
  32. Better Things
  33. Legion
  34. The Good Place
  35. Killing Eve
  36. 30 Rock
  37. Rick and Morty
  38. Scrubs
  39. The X-Files
  40. Seinfeld
  41. Bob’s Burgers
  42. Future Man
  43. The Twilight Zone
  44. The Looming Tower
  45. Difficult People
  46. The Path
  47. Broad City
  48. The Simpsons
  49. South Park
  50. Community
  51. The Shield
  52. The Strain
  53. Wilfred
  54. Futurama
  55. The League
  56. Archer
  57. Brooklyn South
  58. Happy Endings
  59. The Last Man on Earth
  60. Married… with Children
  61. 11.22.63
  62. Casual
  63. The Wrong Mans
  64. The Thick of It
  65. Letterkenny
  66. Into the Dark
  67. Harlots
  68. Ramy
  69. Catch-22

From laugh-out-loud comedies, old-school classics, and dama series we can watch from start to finish more than once, Hulu offers a variety of tv shows that are worth watching. 

So if you’re tired of scrolling, I hope this list was helpful! 

69 TV Shows On Hulu Worth Adding To Your Watch List Now

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