Living in a Walkable Community: Embracing the Simplicity of Car-Free Living

Juggling work, family, and personal life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and finding ways to simplify our lives becomes essential. This was the heart of my family’s original decision to live and travel in an RV, but ended up leading us to a walkable community that had much to offer a family of 6!

Sound crazy? Yep! I know.. that’s exactly what our family thought, until 5-8 years passed and we were still having fun exploring!

Moving On From RV Life

Those days 2, 920 days living a nomadic lifestyle were pretty sweet! Freedom to come and go as you please, working on the road (both seasonally and remote) and getting to see all the places and things the Us has to offer, while our kids were young… I’d say that’s an incredible gift!

But as the kids grew older, we decided it was time to setup shop and put down some roots.

I was a little resistant at first, but after 3 month in the place – it felt like home!

Home In A Walkable Community

We rented a Penthouse in a walkable community on the best trail system in the country! Did you read what I just wrote?

  • We rented a 2 story top floor unit (as in we locked in the very best view and had no neighbors stomping around above us). I’d love to say the penthouse was more than that- but it wasn’t. lol!
  • We were in a downtown neighborhood that was 100% walkable (as in I didn’t need to get an old change for over a year, because I walked everywhere including to groceries, doctors, coffee and even the mall).
  • We had direct trail access (as in we bought everyone bikes, so we could zip up and down the trail, hopping from city to city on local adventures and a few dates at some local restaurants and wineries)!

We rented a Penthouse in a walkable community on the best trail system in the country! What an experience, to be able to expose yourself to different communities and ways of living.

And actually accept the norms of that community, like buying a wagon to walk over to Trader Joe’s for your weekly grocery shop? Or walking to the bookstore at the mall every week to pick up new books with the kids and grabbing a cookie from the local bakery on your way back. I can’t tell you how many times we walked to our favorite restaurant just to grab appetizers and dessert- simply because it was right up the road!

It was an experience!

We ended up staying for about 2 years and over that time, I can say we got the most out of living in a walkable community, including feeling healthier, lowering some monthly costs on gas and commuting, and just teaching ourselves about a different way to live, one without the need for cars!

So today, I want to share with you the joys of living in a walkable community, where you can embrace the simplicity of car-free living. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

5 Reasons To Love Living In A Walkable Community

Let’s dig into my list of reasons you’ll enjoy living in a walkable community… well let’s be honest, I can only talk about the reasons I did!

Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

Picture this: stepping out of your front door and being able to walk or bike to nearby amenities like grocery stores, parks, and schools. Living in a walkable community encourages a more active and healthier lifestyle and it’s so much fun once you get used to it.

Coming from a routine of driving everywhere, walking and biking was a real switch-up!

I mean not only do you get your daily dose of exercise effortlessly, but you also have the opportunity to connect with nature on a regular basis. It’s like having a personal health retreat right at your doorstep and you’ve got an all-access pass!

Saving Money and the Environment

One of the most significant benefits of living in a walkable community is the impact it has on your wallet and the environment. While I didn’t give up my car, I parked it for the most part and only drove to places we couldn’t get to by foot or bike!

Say goodbye to the endless expenses of owning a car, is a BIG benefit of living in a walkable community, and I saw many of my single (non-kid having) neighbors embrace this wholeheartedly! Without the need for a vehicle, you can save big on fuel, insurance, maintenance, and those pesky parking fees.

But even by just parking my vehicle, I saved a good deal of cash by not having to feel it up, get snow tires, change the oil and other maintenance that I would have probably needed to do much sooner!

So we basically reduced our carbon footprint which while not the main purpose of moving here, it was a really cool benefit! It’s a win-win situation!

Strengthening Community Bonds

There’s something truly magical about the sense of community that thrives in walkable neighborhoods, it actually reminded me of pulling into a new RV park and seeing the friendly smiles of fellow campers ready to invite you to a campfire!

You’ll find yourself bumping into neighbors during your leisurely walks, running errands, or visiting local businesses. These chance encounters foster a close-knit community where you feel a genuine sense of belonging. With increased safety and support systems, you’ll start to feel a sense of a budding in-person community on this journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Also, I found it crazy to actually see how many other people were working from home!

Can you imagine going out at 12pm to take the dog out for a quick walk, only to find that 15-20 of your neighbors had the same idea?

Increased Productivity and Time Management

Living in a walkable community can work wonders for your productivity and time management.

Imagine being able to walk or bike to work or nearby cafes instead of enduring the same monotonous commute every day. It becomes a refreshing break from the confines of your home office, allowing you to recharge and stay focused.

With reduced commuting time, you’ll have more flexibility, achieving that elusive work-life balance and quality time with your loved ones. My husband and I made it a goal to test out all the coffee spots in walking distance, and I gotta say, it was a tall list!

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Convenience becomes your new best friend in a walkable community.

All those essential amenities are just a short stroll away, saving you time, effort, and the need to rely on a car. Running errands becomes a breeze, and you’ll be amazed at the accessibility to a variety of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and recreational areas.

It’s like having your own personal playground right outside your front door! We enjoyed so many different date nights as well as family dinners because everything was right there and we could easily walk over.

I could also walk to the eye doctor for new glasses, the wine bar for girls night, the gym to go workout, the pharmacy for prescriptions, the craft store for hot glue sticks, the office supply store for dry erase markers, the florist for a quick bouquet, ad even Home Goods just because.

A Walkable Community

Living in a walkable community offers a multitude of benefits that can simplify our lives, improve our health, and create stronger connections within our neighborhoods.

By embracing a car-free lifestyle (or even a mostly car-free lifestyle) , we not only saved money and the environment but also enhance our productivity, and enjoyed the convenience of unlimited nearby amenities.

Living in a Walkable Community: Embracing the Simplicity of Car-Free Living

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