3 Bulk Bundles Of RV Domains For Sale To Good Home

Long story- short, we have a few bundles of RV domains for sale… many of these domains were purchased years again, some almost a decade ago!

Some are sitting just waiting patiently to be used for a good idea or a big project. Others are or have been forwarded to specific RV products, services, side hustles or affiliate information from partners we worked with in the past.

RV domains for sale

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RVing has been a major part of my family’s life since 2013. Back then when we made the big decision to pack it all up and hit the road on an epic family adventure. We enjoyed our travels, the relationships we made, and the businesses we grew along the way!

Like most things in life, our time as an RVing family came to an end and we returned to regular life. So as we continue to make this transition and re-align our brands and business ventures. We’re looking to focus on our current lifestyle as well as how we like to travel, the time has come to offload some of the many domains we purchased and planned to use for BIG ideas.

We’re hoping to sell these domains in 3 separate bundles which each have a specific theme: RVing Families, RV Work & Jobs, and then General RVing.

If you’re interested in acquiring a bundle or see a domain listed that you’d like to buy individually, please reach out, and let’s have a conversation! We’d rather see the domains go to good use on an amazing project than just site and collect virtual dust in our GoDaddy account.

8 RV Domains: RVing Family Related $3000 (SOLD)

  • fulltimervfamilies.com
  • fundamilyroadtrip.com
  • rvholidayguide.com
  • rvingbasics.com
  • rvingfamilies.com
  • rvingwithkids.com
  • rvlifewithkids.com
  • rvtravelwithkids.com

Best suited for a family RVer who has either popular social channels or a website with information aimed at RVing families.

This bundle has been sold as of December 2022.

7 RV Domains: Work& Job Related $2500

  • camphostingjobs.com
  • camphostjobs.com
  • rvgigs.com
  • rvingjobs.com
  • rvjobfair.com
  • rvworkforce.com
  • workampingcourse.com
  • workampingcourses.com

Best suited for a blogger, community, or recruiter who is targeting RV workers and or employers.

5 RV Domains: General RVing $2500

  • rvingbooks.com
  • rvingcourses.com
  • rvingmarketplace.com
  • rv-maintenance.com
  • rving.co

Best for a blogger looking to link specific landing pages to the above domains to funnel traffic.

Please email hello(at)shareecollier.com if you’re interested in the two remaining bundles.

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