Introduction & My First Business Lesson

So, you’ve found my little spot on the web where I share my favorite parts of life and business.

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here and hope you stick around a while to get to know me, my love of virtual summits, business creation, and growth as well as the more personal side that loves to cook, loves travel and has been struggling with my weight since I can remember.

Hi, My Name is Sharee!

I’m an eighties baby who’s done quite a lot in a short amount of time. 

Not to brag, because if I sat and told you every low point I had to fight through along the way, you’d probably wonder how in the world the whole thing came together in the end. I’m just saying I’m one of those people who never stop, never give up, and always try new things. 

When you stand by those character traits, you’re bound to see and do a lot, because if you’re like me, from the outside in it always looks like you doing the most…

Well, it is what it is, right? 

I like a lot of variety. I love to try new things. And I love to create. 

I can’t imagine just being one thing. Like when I was in elementary school I did want to be a writer…

but I also wanted to be a psychiatrist, a wedding planner, and a mother of 7… Imagine trying to put all those things together. Now try finding an easy way to introduce yourself and summarize what you do… 

This is something I’ve always struggled with because as you just saw, trying to put yourself into a cute little box with one title is just not something I’m interested in or even willing to do. 

Currently, I’m a Project Manager. I’m an Entrepreneur, a Virtual Summit Host, Digital Event Planner, mother of 4, wife to 1, lover of chocolate, bikes, and tiny living. I like to cook, I love to eat, and I struggle with my weight. I love documentaries, I enjoy hearing people’s stories, I love to write, I love to talk even more, and currently, I’m trying to focus more time and energy on creating family traditions, celebrating small moments, and actually printing my pictures instead of keeping them on my phone…

I’m many different things, I like to do many different things, and while I would love to make it easy to digest- to know me is to know that there’s always a ton of things going on at the same time. Some of them will be related and some might not. But in the end, the one that ties them all together- is me. 

And that’s enough.

A little background

I grew up watching my mom hustle. She always had either a regular job, where she worked for someone or some company, and then something she was building for herself on the side. In every house we lived in, she claimed a dedicated space for her office (which sometimes meant the kids had to share a bedroom.) 

At the time, we teased her about needing an office. We teased her about always being at work or in our eyes… always being on the computer. But she hustled, hustled, and hustled some more until her little side thing grew into a full boutique marketing agency. 

It was at that point my eyes were opened to the very fact that anyone, with the right amount of drive, knowledge, and persistence could take an idea and build a business from it that was not only successful but scalable. 

I was taught from an early age that anything was possible. But hearing the words and actually seeing it come to fruition before your eyes is something completely different.

So, I soon came to believe it. I knew at an early age that as long as you could see the vision and make a plan to get to the end goal then you could work for yourself and create your own thriving small business.

My First Business

The very first business I started, probably like many other people reading this, was a lemonade stand. 

It was a folding card table, on the grassy berm of the parking lot at our apartment complex. Nothing cute and fancy like what kids put up today on the sidewalk, but it worked. I took about $20 to buy the supplies and then recruited my older sister and some neighborhood friends to do it with me. 

We created a few posters to hold up and recruit people as they were coming home from work. It was a hot day in Florida back in the 90s and overall we made about $50 before running out of supplies (like ice) and having to close up for the day. 

Once it was time to split up the money, someone started to count out the dollar bills in piles of 5 for all the people who were involved. My mother was nearby and must have heard the plan because she quickly cleared her way through and as I looked in her direction, she gave me a raised eyebrow… which meant handle your business… She was telling me to make sure I got my $20 investment money back before splitting the rest. 

How I got all of that from one little eyebrow, is something only kids with single mothers can truly understand.

But I got the message, loud and clear. 

So I cleared my throat and informed everyone that before we split the money, I needed my $20 investment back. Then let them know, everyone won’t be getting $10 – you’ll be getting $6. 

This was my first business lesson in entrepreneurship.

I came up with the idea, invested in the materials to start the business, and invited them to be part of it. So this was my business and I would need to step into that business owner role to handle what needed to be done at the end of the day, regardless of the fact that I was the youngest. 

I needed to recoup my startup funds. Pay my employees and then celebrate a win I had created!

This was a small step into becoming a lifelong entrepreneur, but an important one.

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