My 2023 Goals: Gearing Up & Planning For Next Year

So it’s the end of the year and I’ve decided its time again to make some big plans for the next 12 months and surprise, surprise… do some things a little differently than I’ve done in the past. 

2022 Was A Great Year

Not only did I plan & host 8 events throughout, but I actually crossed 2 new milestones by planning back-to-back events as well as a hybrid event with 3 live locations in 3 separate timezones.

Planning multiple events back-to-back was stressful but well worth it. Actually part of a big mistake was when I agreed to a client event before getting confirmation on my own summer events- I ended up having to plan and produce 3 events in 3 consecutive months (March, April, & May).

The only saving grace was the light at the end of the tunnel- knowing I had nothing but family activities planned in the month of June and several great co-hosts!

As for planning the hybrid event with 3 live locations in 3 separate timezones- that was done on purpose and was one of my best ideas yet! I’ll have to write a full post on this one, but for now, let me just say, this event had 100% virtual speakers and ran just like a digital conference. Then we added 3 live events where people stayed for a week together and enjoyed additional on-site activities, live airings of the virtual sessions, and fun evening meals and entertainment!

Things I hoped to accomplish in 2022:

  • Actually, delegate work
  • Update existing blogs for SEO
  • Increase events by 2 additional topics
  • Host our annual meeting in San Diego
  • Maintain weekly emails and monthly newsletters
  • Sell 10 domains
  • Start a virtual summit website
  • Revamp my social channels

I am proud of myself for actually being able to accomplish some of these things! I’m actually very impressed that I was able to do what I did. I do have to acknowledge the items I wasn’t able to cross off my list which was selling 10 domains (I actually only sold 9) and revamping my socials (which was a total bust). These items will again be put on my list of goals for 2023…

Deciding To Pivot: Big Changes For 2023

Here’s the reality, for the last several years I’ve really been highly focused on creating content for the RV industry which made sense given our love of RV travel. But if growth is the ultimate goal then I’ve got to embrace the growth I’ve seen in the past year and make plans to continue to grow moving forward.

While I have loved being emersed in such a tight community, I recently decided I’d like to really get a better grasp on bringing together all the many pieces of me and ultimately my ‘little’ business. Right now I have a pretty big niche following in the RV industry, several RV-related events, a few books, a bunch of domains to sell, as well as a website for content production, a few other niche-specific offerings, and now a website for summit hosting and future events.

It’s a lot to manage but fun to find little things I enjoy and then build a business out of them. The problem was there wasn’t a place where I could just talk about all the things… All the things I love, all the events I plan, all the websites, all the ideas, and all the pieces of information I learn along the way- that would be helpful for someone else to know as well.

So for 2023, I’m doing a little pivot, which I pray will be graceful and provide me with clarity.

2023 Game Plan & Business Goals

Okay, so 2022 was a great year! Every year is a great year, to be honest, in their own way.

Each one comes with mini-life lessons, business growth (hopefully), and opportunities to further develop and build up new ideas. 

Running so many events in 2022, made me very aware that the processes and system I created to host these events was something that was allowing me the ability to plan, produce and host virtual events (and hybrid events) without stress and overwhelm. 

It was something that created a clear vision, a plan of attack, and specific tasks that I could work on alone or with a co-host and get the event set up for success every single time! And after much encouragement from some family members and a few close entrepreneur friends- I decided it was definitely time to streamline, package, and offer this system to people who wanted to do the same.

My 2023 pivot will hopefully look a little something like this. 

  • Sell the LCW Brand with all assets (aiming for 6 figures.)
  • I’ll continue to publish a combination of content I find useful, fun, and inspiring on this website, making it a central hub for all things Sharee-related and Sharee-loved. 
  • I’ll build up my Virtual Summit website (The Summit Host) and keep that brand separate as a place to really focus on the virtual summits that I run, as well as teach people how to run their own.
  • Keep the content production game going – but step back and let my team run it.
  • Sell 10 more domains
  • Add in another virtual event called Teach Me How to Summit
  • Host our annual meeting in Vancouver, CA
  • Activate 2-3 products (different price points and different offerings)
  • Revamp my social profiles and start publishing content consistently

Woah! That’s a lot of goals and that doesn’t even dig into the financial side of things! But I’m excited for the new year and the new opportunities it will present!

My 2023 Goals: Gearing Up & Planning For Next Year

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