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Hosting a DIY Waffle Bar for Your Family Breakfast

Juggling online entrepreneurship with four teenagers? Let me tell you, it’s a whirlwind! Between managing my business, homework battles, and the ever-present digital drama, quality family time often feels like a distant dream. Enter the DIY waffle bar: my secret weapon for turning breakfast into a screen-free zone for me and the kids too!

Forget burnt toast and hurried goodbyes. Our waffle bar is an epic culinary showdown, and my teens, usually glued to their devices, are transformed into mini chefs, their faces lit with excitement (and maybe a little syrup).

Forget picky eaters – the endless topping possibilities cater to every taste bud, from sweet-toothed berry fanatics and chocolate aficionados to savory baconators.

DIY Waffle Bar

Why This Entrepreneur Says Yes To The Waffle Bar

Running a family business can be exhausting and when it is, I tend to snooze on Saturday mornings if I don’t have a Summit Club Meeting or other live call scheduled before getting my actual day started and I don’t feel bad about it!

But I love breakfast! And I love doing big spreads where everyone can just make their own meal with all the toppings and choices available, so a DIY waffle bar is always the perfect fit for holidays, birthdays, or just random Saturdays when I wanna be fancy without too much effort.

Here’s why it’s a win-win:

  • Fun: It’s interactive, engaging, and turns breakfast into a shared experience we can all enjoy.
  • Independent Foodies: Everyone customizes their waffle, fostering creativity and independence.
  • Picky Eater Annihilator: From sweet to savory, the topping options cater to even the most finicky teens (trust me, I know!).
  • Easy Clean Up: All the toppings are either gobbled up or get packed away in zip lock bags, their plastic bins that go in the pantry, or stored in the frig to use with the leftovers.
DIY Waffle Bar

An Epic DIY Breakfast For Busy Families

Now that you’re amped up on the idea of hosting a DIY waffle bar, lets talk about the setup and what you’ll need!

Waffle Iron:

Forget boring old pancakes- you can do those anytime! For this breakfast, you’ll want to grab a classic round waffle iron (we just use this one from Amazon) which allows you to adjust how crispy you like your waffle! We also have this mini heart-shaped waffle maker- that’s fun to make a few ahead of time, for the kids to munch on or for those who insist they don’t like the big ones!

Batter Up!

I never make my own waffle mix, but I’m sure it would be easy peasy if you’d like to! I just use the store-bought varieties, add in the necessary ingredients, and viola! Amazing waffle batter that only took 30 seconds to make!

With that said, I do love to be creative and add things to my mix- which my kids are usually not game for… lol. But I’ll split the batter up into smaller bowls and get creative based on season, holidays, or just whatever I’m personally feeling in the mood for! (Think cocoa powder for chocolate waffles, cinnamon, apple chunks, or pumpkin puree for a seasonal twist.)

Topping Time:

This is where things get lit! We offer a smorgasbord of fresh berries, sliced bananas, homemade whipped cream, chocolate chips, drizzle sauces (like these), and even crumbled bacon for the adventurous ones. Maple syrup and honey? Duh!

I also setup juice, and a pre-boiled glass kettle full of water- so they can grab some hot chocolate as well! … talk about a sugar rush- I like to over deliver!

Your Waffle Bar Display

We use colorful big salad bowl-type plates so everyone can clearly see their masterpiece, but you could also cut down on the dishes, and opt for paper plates, plastic bowls, and single-use cutlery!

I love mini tongs for clumsy (but enthusiastic) hands, serving bowls for individual toppings to avoid mixing them up and just about anything that comes in its own dispenser is a win for me.

Themed decorations always add a little flair to your waffle bar display, so add in seasonal items like candy canes for Christmas or mini umbrellas for a tropical fiesta.

Last Thanksgiving, we had a ton of cute little pumpkins ( I grabbed them from Michaels) on the counter to keep things festive!

DIY Waffle Bar

Enjoying The Waffle Bar With Your Family:

The moment of truth! Everyone takes turns making their waffles, carefully pouring batter and waiting for that golden perfection. The air fills with delicious aroma and anticipation builds with each flip.

Most of the time, I’m make a few small waffles for the display- so they can have one while they wait, add it as a double-decker topping, or just have the minis ones for those who prefer things in small sizes!

Now comes the real battle!

Everyone meticulously assembles their waffle masterpiece, layering fruits, drizzling syrups, and adding sprinkles with fierce concentration. The laughter and chatter are contagious, and the joy of creating their own breakfast is evident on every face (even behind those pesky phones!).

Waffle Bar Memories & Clean Up Crew:

We capture the delicious chaos with photos and videos, creating memories that go beyond just breakfast. It’s a bonding experience, filled with laughter, creativity, and of course, delicious waffles.

Once everyone has had their fill, everyone works together to pack up the remaining toppings, pop any remaining waffles into ziplock bags for the next day, and then load the dishes into the dishwasher! It’s pretty easy!

The Verdict:

This DIY waffle bar has become a family go-to.

It’s more than just breakfast; it’s a fun-filled way to connect, be creative, and enjoy delicious food together. So give it a try! You might just discover your family’s next favorite breakfast tradition!

If your kids choose the toppings, decorate the table, or even help make the batter. It’ll make the experience even more meaningful for them.

Wanna plan you’re waffle bar?

Here’s a little checklist you can print out to make it easy!

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