5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs To Write a Book

Have you ever considered the notion that maybe you should write a book? I bet you have!

Writing a book is something that every entrepreneur should consider at some stage in their small business journey! It not only allows you to create a product that delivers an impact, but it can also bring in new clients, and a fresh audience, structure your marketing plan, and of course- put dollars in the bank!

If you’ve been stuck in a rut lately or maybe you’re just ready to make this important career and portfolio leap, my advice to you is to continue reading this post and find out why an entrepreneur needs to write a book and why now is the time for you to do it! 

5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs To Write a Book

Writing a book will help you grow your business.

It’s true. Writing a book, especially if you have the option to offer an actual printed version rather than just a Kindle eBook or PDF eBook, gives you the power to really grow your business beyond your current expectations. 

1. Build Up Your Authority

You’ll experience a whole new world of opportunities simply by having your name on the cover of a book, searchable on Amazon and hopefully Barnes & Nobels and guess what… the ability to say you’re an author and that you’ve published a book (whether self-published or done traditionally) will provide another layer to your level of expertise and your industry clout. 

Imagine you’re at a big industry conference or maybe just a local networking group you’ve joined to connect with professionals in your area or drum up some new clients. You find yourself talking with two business coaches for new entrepreneuers, who both specialize in social engagement which is something you know you really need help with.

One coach says all the right things and you could really see yourself working with him. He’s been in business for 10 years and has worked with some top-notch business owners int he area as well as nationally. He has shared some really great ideas on how he can help you grow your social presence and engage naturally with your growing audience

The other coach has a similar business model and has also been in business for 10 years. The one difference is that she also has a printed book that she just handed you a copy of. It’s professionally printed, a substantial size and really sets the tone for what working with her could be like… professional and confident!

I’m no mind-reader, but I think I could guess which coach you would decide to work with. The one showing more authority in their field, right?

And which one is that??? The one with the book, of course.

There really is nothing better when it comes to establishing your authority than having your own book. It’s now a marketing tool.

Your book builds your authority without you having to say a word.

2. Show Off Your Expertise

At this point, you may be wondering, how a book can build your authority so well. And that answer is easier than you may think- a book shows off your expertise in a big way!

Having a book is giving yourself a platform that you’ve chosen and carved out for yourself. You choose the topic and how to deliver the information to the reader and guess what, without outside distractions, ads, and additional experts to divert the conversation- when a reader is reading your book you have their full attention.

Your readers are a captive audience.

When they are reading your book, they’re listening to you and only to you. That’s a very powerful position to be in and one that gives you an opportunity to really show off your expertise.  

This is your chance to build your author by just shining a light on what you do and what you know best!

3. Access The Worlds Largest Stage

SEO is a great tool to build your site traffic and get new readers to your website. Pinterest and YouTube will do the same and don’t get me wrong they work really well!

But no matter how many readers Google sends your way, no matter how much traffic your YouTube channel receives, and no matter how many pins go viral, nothing can compare to the number of potential readers Amazon (and other online booksellers) can send your way. 

Amazon is the world’s largest stage. 

It’s a huge platform with an even bigger audience that’s actively searching for solutions they can buy to teach them something or make their life easier in some way.

If positioned correctly, your book can reach millions of new readers, and thousands of potential clients just from being listed. Combine that with the expertise and authority we know comes with being a published author, and that’s a recipe for success that just can’t be beaten. 

Getting your book published using their easy-to-navigate KDP program is the key!

4. Your New Best Marketing Tool

Does anyone even have business cards anymore? I mean, I know they serve a purpose, but with the level of online connectivity we have I can’t remember the last time someone passed me a business card at a conference and I actually looked at it to contact them.

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ve no doubt collected a stack of business cards but you get home, and these are usually the first things that get tossed out or into a junk drawer. I can’t say the same thing happens when people go the extra mile and pass out practice items like their latest book!

It may seem like overkill and who in the world would be able to walk around with dozens of books to pass out, but I do think it makes a very noticeable statement. So maybe you have a few books in your tote bag and you replenish them during your breaks. You pass them out to people you really find a connection with and want to encourage to take things to the next level! 

I can say this… If someone passed me a book regardless of if we were at a conference or a networking meetup, I’d likely read it (or at least skim through it). I would certainly not throw it away.

And above all else… I would remember the person I just met that wrote it.

5. Open Up Unlimited Press Opportunities

When I turn on the tv and catch any interview show regardless of the topic, I notice that the people being interviewed have usually all written at least one book. If you browse through the Huffington Post, or listen to any of a number of popular podcasts, and you’ll quickly notice the same thing… most of the guest speakers and interviewees have written a book.

Writing a book unleashes a whole new stream of seemingly unlimited PR opportunities!

News outlets, podcasts, talk shows, and other outlets depend on interesting and insightful guests to keep their audiences engaged. I’m sure you can understand why authors who have spent months and sometimes years perfecting their books and going through a whole process to get published- would be the perfect people to fill these spots.

Writing a book can open up many different speaking opportunities and PR appearances that you may never have a chance at, have without your name printed on that cover.

Wrapping Things Up

Overall there are many different reasons entrepreneurs, business owners, and event influencers should write a book. Many of them have to do with helping you grow your business and the audience you speak to. 

Do you have to write a book to be successful?

No. But there’s no denying the fact that an entrepreneur who’s a published author will find they have a much easier time growing their business than entrepreneurs who keep putting it off until later. 

Make a plan to write your book!

Set a realistic date and get started today!

5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs To Write a Book

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