Overcoming The Hurdles To Writing Your First Book

Fear is a powerful force!

One that can ultimately stop you in your tracks and force you to never complete the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

Let’s take writing a book for instance…

You know good and well you need to write a book. There’s no question about it. You need to do it.

You’ve had it on your to-do list for years. Your friends and family all tell you that you really need to do it and now even your new business coach has said it!

Yet- here we are.

No book.

And what’s the reason- fear!

You’re creating hurdles. Reasons why you just can’t do it and now we’re having to take more valuable time to work past these hurdles- because the truth is- you can do it.

And now is the time.

Overcoming The Hurdles To Writing Your First Book

Let’s talk about it.

Every entrepreneur needs to write a book. It’s really that simple.

Writing a book not only allows you to create a product that delivers an impact, but it can also bring in new clients, and a fresh audience, structure your marketing plan, and of course- put dollars in the bank! So it’s not that you don’t recognize the many benefits of having it on your portfolio or your resume. 

You just struggle with it, and if I had to guess, it’s probably for the same reasons many other entrepreneurs procrastinate on publication.

So let’s walk through the top hurdles to writing your first book!

No Time For Additional Projects.

Okay, this is kind of a rational fear to be quite honest. It’s a biggie.

You’re busy. I’m busy. Shoot the person reading this very same blog right before you came across it, was busy! We’re all busy. And I get that you can’t do it all well at least not alone.

So it’s not a good enough excuse to stop you from doing something amazing that helps grow your business. The idea of not having time for additional projects shouldn’t;t stop you from writing a book.

Instead, of pushing it off to the wayside. I suggest you take a good look at your current obligations and see where you can offload, outsource or automate. Once you find the things you can ask for help with, from a VA or a member of your team, you can then take a realistic view of what is left and prioritize your days, weeks, and the upcoming months to accommodate the important things you need to get done…

Like writing your book.

You’re Just Not A Writer.

Not everyone wants to be a writer. Not everyone is a writer. And Not everyone can write.

I think those statements are true at their core.

But many people who claim to not be a writer, end up having popular blogs with post after post full of helpful and thoughtful content that readers come back to time and time again. (Read this post on non-traditional ways to write a book for information on using blogs to fill in your book pages!)

So when it comes down to, someone who says they can’t write really saying they don’t like to.

And that is a whole different story.

Organization Is Not Your Expertise.

Ok, so you’re great with blog posts, and you don’t mind writing them, but the thought of writing an entire book makes you stare at your blank screen like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

First, if you can write a blog post, you can write an entire series of books. The process is all the same, after all. It’s just putting words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and so on.

But if you really feel you can’t manage a long project, then an outline is going to be your best friend. Start with a broad overview of your project, and then break it down by sections, then chapters. Make notes about what you’ll cover in each, and then it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks.

Wrapping Things Up

Basically, there are multiple reasons why you should write a book.

Having a published book is really important for establishing your expertise, growing your audience, and for solidifying your message. But you won’t see any of these benefits if you don’t ever write it.

So it’s time to get over your hurdles and get your book done.

Maybe that means getting up 30 minutes earlier each day to write. Maybe this means setting aside a few hours in the evening to write and unwind before bed. Maybe you end up hiring a ghostwriter or blogging the book chapter by chapter. 

The point is, you have to make writing a book a priority in your business and your life.

Block out some time in your calendar, and treat that time as sacred. Pretend it’s an appointment with your most important client, and do not allow anything to get in the way of keeping it. 

Good Luck!

Overcoming The Hurdles To Writing Your First Book

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